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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

Colac south west primary school

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is our school framework that has helped us build our positive, safe and supportive learning culture. We have high expectations of our student’s behaviour and learning which are promoted through our school values of Respect, Engage, Achieve, Care and Honesty (R.E.A.C.H.).  This provides the basis for which all groups within our community are expected to work and learn together. At the beginning of the year, students create their ‘Class learning agreement’. These agreements focus on giving the students a voice and coming up with a set of agreed class expectations about what each of our values looks like to them and in our classroom. Our students are very proud of our school values and enjoy ‘spotting’ each other showing R.E.A.C.H both inside and outside the classroom.   

A significant part of the SWPBS program at CSW is that behaviour is part of the curriculum we teach. If a child does not know their times tables, we teach it, if a child does not know that they need to walk in the corridors, then we model and teach this. These expectations are integrated into lessons weekly and are reinforced through our whole school behaviour matrix focusing on positive statements. These statements are written so that the children are reminded what is expected of them in any setting within the school. Our students love receiving house points and individual class rewards for showing our R.E.A.C.H values and expected behaviours.