Student Wellbeing - Wellbeing Team

At Colac South West Primary School we understand the importance of children’s mental health and wellbeing and the affect this can have on their education. We aim to provide a supportive environment where every child feels safe and comfortable. We incorporate the ‘You Can Do It’ social skills program into the daily class routine. This Program builds the social and emotional strengths and capabilities that all young people need to acquire in order to be successful in school, experience wellbeing, and have positive relationships including making contributions to others and the community.

The five foundations of the You Can Do It Program that are taught are:

Confidence - Persistence - Getting Along - Organisation - Resilience

Colac South West Primary School also operates under the KidsMatter model, encouraging strong links between school and community as well as respectful relationships and a sense of belonging. Our Breakfast Club was initiated under this model and provides a great opportunity for students and teachers to interact in a more relaxed setting. We have strong transition programs including the Buddy Program where each Prep child is paired with a senior student to help with adjustment to primary school life. Often the buddies become special friends and participate in numerous activities throughout the year.