Student Wellbeing - Tasty Tucker

Breakfast Club, or Tasty Tucker as it has been renamed, has been a part of Colac South West for the past three years. It was formed as a student welfare initiative to encourage students to have a healthy breakfast to encourage optimal learning.

We were very fortunate to have major sponsors to come on board to assist us financially to get this amazing project off the ground. These sponsors consisting of local businesses, service groups of Colac and many families from within our school community. Three sponsors, Thwaites Bakery, Fonterra and Colac Fruit Market continue to support us weekly with the donations of bread, butter and fresh fruit.

Students learn the importance of a healthy breakfast and they develop the life skills to cook and spread toast, as well as doing dishes and cleaning up after themselves. All students are welcome to come down to the BER on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:30 to 8:55 and get some toast and a piece of fresh fruit or just come down and chat with others in a very relaxed social atmosphere amongst students and staff.