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Student Wellbeing

Colac south west primary school

Student Wellbeing

Colac South West Primary School is committed to the Child Safe Standards. Children and staff at our school have the right to learn and the right to feel safe, as well as the responsibility to ensure that others are able to learn and feel safe.

The Student Wellbeing team is comprised of Erin Baulch (Assistant Principal), Kylie Smith (Chaplain) and Kylie Scandolera (Engagement Worker).

Erin specifically looks after referrals for students who may require a speech or cognitive assessment. She also coordinates the Program for Students with Disabilities.

Kylie Smith works with students or groups of students who require additional support in building social skills. These students may be referred by parents or teacher.

Kylie Scandolera works with identified children and families to assist in engaging students with their education and their peers. Kylie works with individuals, small groups and within classrooms.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing at school it is usually best to speak to your child’s classroom teacher in the first instance. The teacher can then recommend the best course of action and whether or not a referral needs to take place.