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Senior Learning Unit

Colac south west primary school

3-6 Learning Community

Our 3-6 Learning Community is led by Mrs Susan Boyle. The teachers in these year levels work together as a team to offer the best education and learning opportunities for our students in these classes.
We are broken into two teams; 3/4 Middle years and 5/6 Senior years. We are extremely fortunate to have 1:1 access to devices which allows us to incorporate technology more easily into our learning.


3/4 Middle Years

In these year levels our students are offered opportunities that extend their learning outside the general classroom. It is in these years that students really begin to develop their leadership skills, with many students taking on smaller monitor roles around our school.

While we focus heavily on core curriculum we add other opportunities to our program. Students in 3/4 have the option of running for Junior School Council and representing their classrooms.

We participate in school camps to Kangaroobie and Cape Bridgewater along with other local excursions. We are the only year levels to walk through the cemetery to see the magnificent display of flags on our return to school from the combined schools ANZAC service at Memorial Square.

We participate in a football clinic provided by the Geelong Football Club where we have footballers attend our school and run clinic skill building drills.

We have one hour per week dedicated to 3/4 sport. Here we join classes together and have a sport focus which builds on skills and game play.

It is in 3/4 that our students really begin to blossom into independent learners while being supported and guided through the learning process.


5/6 Senior Years

In these year levels our students take on major leadership roles within our school. They have many opportunities open to them including nominating for School Captains, House Captains and Vice-Captains as well as roles on Junior School Council. Their leadership extends to events within our school such as lunchtime led activities, fundraising, leading assemblies, co-ordinating houses on sports days and school tours. Outside of our school we represent CSW at many community and sporting events.

As part of our curriculum we have a focus on student voice which gives them the opportunity to have more of a say in what they learn and how they learn it. We explore Economics with a Market Day, where students create small businesses and sell their products to other students and staff via tokens. Individual projects are also a wonderful way for students to expand their knowledge of things that interest them. We hold sessions with nurses from Colac Area Health, where we learn more about Personal Health and the changes that young people go through at this age. We hold transition sessions to help prepare students for secondary school.
Along with our weekly 5/6 sport sessions, Winter Sport is a highlight for the students as we take part in sporting events against other schools on a fortnightly basis in term 3. There are many opportunities for our sporting students to represent our school at interschool and regional sporting events.

Our school camps are to Tandara in Halls Gap and to Urban Camp in Melbourne. Both camps hold wonderful experiences for our young people.

The Year 5 students are buddies to our Prep students and Year 6 students continue their buddy roles with the Year 1 students. The older students support the younger ones at the beginning of the year to settle into school and to be positive role models. We have fortnightly buddy sessions where we assist our younger buddies with aspects of the curriculum that benefit from one to one assistance or just some fun crafty activities.

It is in 5/6 that our students continue to develop as independent learners while preparing themselves for the next stage in their educational journey.