238 Wilson Street
Colac VIC 3250
P: 03 5232 1170

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School Profile – Past, Present and Future

Colac south west primary school

School Profile – Past, Present and Future

Colac South West Primary school is located in the City of Colac in South West Victoria approximately 150 kilometres from the Melbourne Central Business District. The school was founded in 1959. Colac South West Primary School provides opportunities for all students to achieve to a high standard in a supportive, challenging and engaging environment.  The school has outstanding facilities to complement the effective classroom and Specialist programs within the school.

As of census day 2020 the school enrolments numbered 121 with the following year level breakdown: Prep – 18; Year 1 – 21; Year 2 – 16; Year 3 – 19; Year 4 – 17; Year 5 – 16 and Year 6 – 14.  These students are distributed through 6 classes comprising 1 Prep classroom, 1 x Year 1, 1 x Year 2 classrooms, 2 x Year 3/4 classrooms and 1 x Year 5/6 classrooms.

Students access all key Learning Areas and our students participate in a variety of specialist programs including Physical Education, Visual Arts and Indonesian.  Our curriculum is complimented by extra-curricular activities including excursions and camps, special event days, sporting activities and other community-based programs.  The school has made a commitment to provide in-school and out of school cultural experiences for our students through visiting performances.

An intervention program is supported by the school’s equity resources and a learning coach with targeted programs for students with special learning needs and able students with advanced learning needs. Regional student support services support the school’s special needs requirements.

The focus for the current Strategic Plan period has been to build upon our school’s achievements over the last four years and further develop and embed existing and new priorities.  Our school has shown real improvement in Literacy and Numeracy results and all Opinion Surveys.

The following key directions provide the focus for the School Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022:

– Improve learning growth in every student in Literacy and Numeracy.
– Provide a stimulating learning environment where students connect with the school and wider community to improve student outcomes.
– Develop happy, healthy and resilient students.