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Reporting to Parents

Colac south west primary school

Reporting to Parents

Teachers at Colac South West Primary School are continually assessing a student’s progress and achievements, to plan for their learning programs throughout their enrolment. Parents are welcome to make an appointment with their child’s teacher to discuss the progress of their child at any time during the year. To give parents the very best opportunity to be involved with their child’s education CSW provides two formal scheduled discussion times and two written reports through the year.

Formal Interviews
February – ‘Meet and Greet’ interview. This interview provides parents and teachers an opportunity to:
* Introduce themselves
* Learn more about the child through discussion
* Discuss how the student has settled into the new year
* Discuss the goals set for the semester/year
* Discuss ways in which parents/school can provide support to the child’s education
* June (Mid-Year) – Parent/teacher meetings to review the child’s progress, achievements and future learning in light of the Mid-Year Report.
* December (End of Year) Parent or Teacher requested interviews based on the December report

Formal written reports
A comprehensive written report is written for each student twice a year (June and December) summarising the student’s effort, progress and achievements and indicating areas for improvement for the following semester / year. These are provided to parents in hard copy format with a copy also uploaded to Compass.

Year 3 and Year 5 students complete NAPLAN- National Assessment Program for English and Mathematics in May each year.
Further information about the curriculum and assessment framework that all Victorian schools report against can be found at