238 Wilson Street
Colac VIC 3250
P: 03 5232 1170

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Colac south west primary school


Welcome to Grade Prep at Colac South West Primary school.

The first year of school is an exciting one for both parents and students. At Colac South West as you walk through the doors of our Prep classroom you are greeted with a bright, spacious and welcoming classroom that provides the students with a positive learning environment.

For our Prep students the smooth transition from kinder to school is aided by the use of our Buddy system. Prep students are paired with a Grade 5 student and have many opportunities to spend time together inside and outside the classroom. Our Buddies are a welcoming and friendly face for our Prep students from day one as they help to emerge our new students into CSW life.

Our Prep learning program consists of a 2 hour Literacy block and 1 hour Numeracy block each day. Throughout the week students are also involved in Physical Education, Art, Indonesian, Library, Respectful Relationships and Inquiry.

Throughout the year Prep students explore the following topics during Inquiry sessions:

–  Marvellous Me

–  Healthy Me, Happy Me

–  How do we Survive?

– Toys

These are also integrated into our Art program to help consolidate the students learning and extend their learning in a different context.

In addition to weekly PE sessions, our Preps participate in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for an hour a week. PMP is a movement-based program which helps younger students improve their eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, fitness, balance, locomotion and eye-tracking skills.

Learning for students in Grade Prep is supported by the use of 1:1 iPads. All students are introduced to safe use of their iPads and have access to them for learning in all curriculum areas throughout the day.

A highlight of the Grade Prep year is their 100 days of school celebration. They enjoy participating in many activities throughout the day with the rest of the school and get to enjoy a morning tea to celebrate the special day with family members.