Our School - School Profile

School Profile Colac South West Primary School is a caring and welcoming school, where parents, children, staff and the broader community work together to create a positive learning environment in which confident and happy children develop a love of learning and sense of their value as individuals and members of our community. Established in 1959, Colac South West Primary School is situated within a stable urban and rural population in the Colac and District area. With a current enrolment of 122 students, the school is situated in Wilson Street, Colac. A stimulating environment exists with modern and updated facilities, fabulous flexible learning spaces, a wonderful open library and a contemporary administration and entrance area. Our school community consists of a partnership between teachers, parents, students and local community members. School Vision At Colac South West Primary School we will provide opportunities for our students to maximise their potential in a supportive, challenging and engaging environment where all members proudly display the values of Respect, Engage, Achieve, Care and Honesty in order to equip them with the necessary skills and values to prepare them for the future. Educational The curriculum framework at Colac South West Primary School reflects the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum. Our school is committed to providing quality education in all curriculum areas with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Within a caring, friendly environment, students are encouraged to grow in confidence and self-discipline as they develop skills, values and attitudes. The school caters for differing student needs with intervention and extension programs across the school. The school offers specialist programs in Visual Arts, Physical Education (P.E.), Indonesian and Drama. Our extra curricula activities include annual camping programs from Grade 3 to 6, swimming, interschool sports, excursions and incursions related to the areas of study. The school is structured into two Professional Learning Communities (PLC), with teachers currently working within a Junior (Prep to Year 2), and Senior (Years 3-6) PLC. Teachers within each PLC plan collaboratively to ensure that the curriculum is effectively differentiated. This ensures that students are engaged, challenged and supported in their learning. This focus on teacher collaboration and collective responsibility ensures that the teaching is responsive to the specific needs of our students. The school has a strong commitment to student wellbeing, health and safety and continues to commit significant resources to support this area. The approach to student wellbeing is well resourced with a dedicated Welfare Officer and Chaplain who successfully collaborates with teachers, parents and allied professionals to develop individual learning plans for children who have particular social, emotional or academic learning needs. Colac South West has established clear links between Curriculum and Welfare. The core of the school is centred on the School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework. We promote and live by the following behaviours through our school values of Respect, Engage, Achieve, Care and Honesty (R.E.A.C.H.) and this provides the basis of which all groups within our community are expected to work and learn together. Initiatives such as the weekly Breakfast Club, Better Buddies Framework, and SWPB (School Wide Positive Behaviour) continue to enhance our focus on the development of the whole child. Our staff members work together to ensure our students are supported and challenged and that they have a voice in the development of the school. It is expected that the successful applicant use these approaches in their learning programs. Child Safe Standards Colac South West Primary School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making. Colac South West Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse.