Our School - Our Staff

Principal Class


  Stephen Barry - Principal                        

  Erin Baulch - Assistant Principal            



  Sandi Riches - Business Manager

  Julie Brock - Office Administration

  Pauline Hanson - Office Administration


  Sheena Elliot - Office Administration


Grades 5\6

    Mrs Susan Boyle - Room 8


Grades 3\4


               Mr Joel Brown - Room 5

Grades 3\4


               Mr Brent Adcock - Room 3


Grades 1\2


  Elizabeth Rodgers- Room 6  
  Miss Asheligh Watts - Room 4   



  Amy Ellis - Room 11



Specialist Classes

               Nicole Allen                                    Jenny Turner
               Indonesian                                Physical Education and Health
               Music                                        Visual Arts




Education Support


Anne Finn                                

Raylene Uwland

Verena Jefferys

Sharyn Anderton<\p>



Student Welfare


Kylie Smith - Social Worker


Information and Communications Technology


Erika Swaneveld - Technician

Environmental Services


Ron Britton - Sanitation