Learning - Senior Learning Unit

The Senior Learning Unit is an exciting place to be! Students enjoy many learning opportunities supported by extra curriculum activities. Years five and six students follow the AusVELs curriculum which includes the core subjects of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Numeracy. This is supported by an inquiry curriculum to cover History, Geography, Science and Economics. Students work together to create end of topic projects including dioramas of historical Australian events, models of human body systems and science experiments. Students also participate in an extensive personal development program, supported by the You Can Do It program and values.

The school provides a Specialist program that consists of Physical Education (PE), Art and Indonesian. All students participate in the Leadership Program, which includes a choice of interest based groups. These groups include the Junior School Council, Sport Leaders, Hospitality, Drama, Music and Magazine Committee. Students are given the opportunity to run for School Captain, House Captain, Junior School Council and Class Captain. A wide variety of roles gives as many students as possible opportunities to expand their leadership skills and capacity.

Extra-curricular programs provide students with life based learning and experiences. An alternating yearly camp program provides students with the opportunity to attend the Tandara Camp in Halls Gap and Urban Camp in Melbourne. During term three students participate in interschool sports, with the choice of football, netball, volleyball, t-ball, badminton, table tennis and soccer. Students are given many opportunities to participate in extra experiences including fishing, basketball, badminton and netball tournaments. Students participate in weekly 5/6 sport to develop their team building skills, co-ordination and fitness.

The curriculum in year five and six provides variety and many new and exciting experiences. We look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey with you.

Susan Boyle
Senior School
Team Leader