Learning - Our Purpose

At Colac South West Primary School, we aim to positively influence the lives of our students, maximising opportunities for all learners to achieve their personal best. We will provide a challenging, safe and engaging environment that fosters friendliness, resilience and respect – supporting all learners to reach their full potential and empowering them to become responsible and effective members of the global community.


Friendliness - Resilience - Honesty - Respect - Learning - Team Spirit






Student Learning To develop the key skills and learning attributes that enable students to think, act and respond effectively to 21st Century education, resulting in maximum student engagement and improved student learning outcomes – particularly in literacy and numeracy. Student Engagement and Wellbeing To promote high levels of student engagement, resilience and wellbeing across the school. Student Pathways and Transition To enhance student pathways and transition processes to support students as they enter and as they progress through Colac South West Primary School and beyond.