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Colac VIC 3250
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Junior Learning Unit

Colac south west primary school

Junior Learning Unit

Welcome to Junior Learning at Colac South West Primary School. 

In Grade One and Two students continue building on their existing skills while also being introduced to new areas of the Victorian Curriculum. Students enjoy taking ownership of their learning and setting individual goals to achieve their personal best, in a warm and supportive learning environment. They develop existing friendships and also relish the opportunities to form new bonds with other children. The most important things that our students learn in Grade One and Two is to ‘try’, ‘have a go,’ and the power of ‘yet’. As we like to say ‘mistakes are proof you are trying’ and ‘there is a difference between not knowing, and not knowing yet’. 

During learning in Reading, students continue to use and build on their decoding skills to read new books. They begin to see how comprehension skills such as making connections, inferring, predicting, asking questions before, during and after reading help a reader to make meaning. Students enjoy writing a variety of genres including recounts, information reports, narratives, procedures, persuasive pieces and descriptions. They use high frequency words and skills learnt during Sounds Write lessons to help sound out new words and write words from memory. During Maths, students enjoy practising their skip counting and number fluency as part of warm up games. They complete a range of tasks using hands on materials to help them understand key concepts including addition and subtraction, measurement, and graphing and chance. In addition to these, Grade 2 students also explore the concepts of multiplication and division and are introduced to learning their times tables.

Over the course of their time in Grade One and Two, students explore Inquiry topics focusing on:

*Dreamtime *Australian Animals *The history of Colac *The Sky’s the limit
*Past & Present *Plants & minibeasts *The big questions in Science and Design *The Olympics and our place in the world

The highlights of being a Grade One and Two student include:

*Typing, researching, and using various learning resources on their very own laptop.

*Swimming at Bluewater as part of our weekly swimming program in Term 3. 

*A visit to Sovereign Hill or the Ballarat Wildlife Park

*Presenting their learning and celebrating others during Share and Shine at Assembly. 

*Creating extravagant and individual class Book Week doors.

*Joining together to learn about our unique interests, and 

*The Grade 1 and 2 sleepover (this is the highlight of the year). 

We look forward to welcoming you to our school to show you how we live, learn and grow together at Colac South West Primary School.