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Colac south west primary school


Colac South West has a compulsory uniform policy. Our school community believes that the wearing of school uniform will encourage the students to strengthen the spirit of community within the school. Children will feel that they belong and are more likely to take pride in their appearance and in the school. Consistency with uniform is particularly desirable on school excursions.
– For all students to feel equal.
– To develop a sense of identity and pride within our school and the wider community.
– To encourage students to develop pride and respect in their own appearance by presenting themselves in a neat and attractive manner.
– For all students to dress comfortably in all weather conditions
– To prevent bullying and competition on the basis of clothing.
– To enhance individual student safety and group security.
– To prepare students for secondary school.
– To allow for those students who may wish to observe particular religious and cultural
requirements while also complying with the school dress code.
– On enrolment parents are made aware of Colac South West Primary School’s expectations of School Dress Code and alternatives for purchase.
– A current list of uniform items for sale is available at the office.
– All uniform items are available for purchase through the school and non-logo items availablefrom local retail outlets.
– Support agencies will be utilised to assist families who may have difficulty meeting uniform
Parents or carers of students who may wish to be exempt from the dress code should hold discussions with the Principal to ascertain how they might be accommodated within the dress code policy.

Grounds for exemption would occur when the dress code prevents a student from attending school or participating in activities on the same terms as other students because of personal characteristics referred to in Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Requirements.

Examples may include: 

• Religious and cultural requirements. 

• A particular disability or health condition that requires a departure from the dress code. 

• Economic hardship. 

Further grounds for exemption may be permitted at the Principal’s discretion.

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