238 Wilson Street
Colac VIC 3250
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Colac south west primary school


The English curriculum as drawn from the Victorian Curriculum, comprises Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. At Colac South West Primary School we have the belief that being literate is the foundation for a successful future.

From Prep to Year 6 we focus on developing every child’s skill and knowledge in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening (Oral Language), Spelling, Handwriting, Grammar and Punctuation; through the implementation of a structured, sequential program which uses explicit teaching techniques.  

Colac South West Primary School is committed to the Early Years Literacy Program (Prep to Year 4) and the Middle Years Literacy Program (Years 5 & 6).   Our Literacy Program builds on the students’ previous learning through the incorporation of whole class teaching, children working in small ability groupings on set tasks to meet their individual needs and dedicated reflection time where students can share their learning.  Intervention teachers, classroom teachers and Student Support Aides provide support for our literacy program, individually, collaboratively and inclusively in our classrooms.

The Sounds Write phonics approach is used in Grades Prep – 2 to develop student spelling and reading skills. Students are introduced to the sounds in our language and move from sounds to the written word.  This is an explicit teaching method whereby conceptual knowledge and skills are taught to allow our learners to understand the alphabet code in order to become fluent readers and spellers. Students are taught the alphabet code including all the common ways of representing speech sounds. They are taught the skills of blending, segmenting and manipulation of sounds to develop the skills to read and write.

In Grades 3 – 6, spelling is taught using the SMART Spelling approach (created by Michelle Hutchison). SMART Spelling rules and patterns are taught in context. Through the use of a scope and sequence, students explore word meanings, syllables, sounds and letter patterns. The program includes the study of high frequency words, word families, prefixes, suffixes and plurals. Students are explicitly taught spelling patterns. Weekly lists contain a range of words from simple to complex focusing on a common sound. Students are guided to select appropriate words, (including personal words) to meet their own individual needs.

Throughout the school, Literacy skills are taught within the context of the English program and the Inquiry Curriculum Program.