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Bus Travel

Colac south west primary school

School Bus Travel

A number of students at Colac South West Primary School travel to and from school by bus. Free bus travel is available only if the student is travelling to their nearest neighbourhood school.  If you live further than 4.8kms from School and do not pass another State School you may be eligible for free travel. A fee paying option is also available.  The school buses are coordinated by the Colac Secondary College and service all of the schools in Colac and District.  Students and parents/guardians must agree to comply with the conditions of bus travel as stated on the back of all School Bus Program travel application forms, and must understand that school bus travel is a privilege and not a right.

The coordinating school’s details are as follows: 

The School Bus Coordinator
Colac Secondary College
173 Queen Street, Colac 3250
Tel: 03 5231 9800

Due to their age, Prep students – particularly those who use buses, may need more supervision than other students when leaving school at the end of the day. At Colac South West Prep children travelling on buses are ‘buddied’ up with an older sibling or a more senior student who travels the same bus route. These older children meet the Prep child at the bus shelter and look after them on the bus. If no other senior students travel on the same bus the CSW Bus Coordinator will check in with the child and place them on the appropriate bus.

The School has systems in place to ensure the safety of students on buses including the requirement of written or phone notification of any changes to bus arrangements.  At the end of the school day bus travellers are marked off a roll and supervised by the CSW Bus Coordinator while waiting for their bus at the Bus Shelter.

Families may apply for special consideration for bus charges in complex and challenging transport circumstances (not including financial hardship). An application for special case consideration can be made through the school and requires DET regional endorsement and any documentation that supports the case. Please speak to the Principal for further information about special case consideration.

Our school will monitor student school bus behaviour in consultation with the Colac SC Bus Coordinator and will take the necessary action ranging from warnings for minor infringements, to suspension from the bus for more serious offences. Continual student misbehaviour will increase the period of suspension and ultimately the banning from bus travel.

Further information can be found at:

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