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Colac VIC 3250
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Bike Education

Colac south west primary school

Bike Education

The Bicycle Education Program (Bike Ed) is undertaken in Years 4, 5 and 6 and is run by qualified Bike Education instructors. It is conducted intensely over a 2 week block and most children supply their own bikes although spare bikes are made available through Road Safe Colac. A follow up week is then scheduled to undertake testing and out of school riding.

At Colac South West Bike Ed covers the basic bike riding skills of: correct riding position, scanning, signaling, slow riding, sharp turns, riding on different surfaces and braking. Consolidating skills for riding in traffic: riding in single file and in pairs, left and right hand turns and travelling through roundabouts. The course includes both a path ride: riding on footpaths and different surfaces around local streets in the area. As well as a Road ride: a bike riding excursion to the Memorial square. Children who are skillful at Bike Ed. can test their abilities against other district schools at the annual “Colac Bike Challenge”.